How to Find Marketing Insights in 2023 – Ceve Marketing

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The speaker begins the clip by providing two essential aspects of insight in marketing. First, insights are easily visible. Second, insights are assertions that change how we view the problem. Another point that can be interesting, is that journalists often are in charge of changing our frame of references.

The presenter advises you to look for publications with a lot of impact to help you gain insight. It is as simple as an Google search for the subject or category of the product after which he types in the title of the publication that he recommends. After searching for the keyword or publication that he’s interested in, he will go through various examples before finding an article with a lot of insight. He shows how titles or the very first sentence of content crystalize the insight. This strategy will not only enable a strategist to discover insights but will also produce confidence, thanks to the influence and reputation of the publications chosen.


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